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29kg/cm at 7.4 Volt - 0,12 sec/60°

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Manufacturer HITEC

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Servo Super Torque - HITEC

The powerful servant "Super Torque" HS-7954SH is designed to work powered by a 2 cell Lipo.

As with all digital servos of the 7 series, the 7940SH mounts the digital circuit, programmable G2, which allows a very high resolution and programming capabilities that are unmatched. Thanks to the powerful motor, coreless designed to work on 7.4 V and the steel gears , the HS-7954SH is capable of delivering 29Kg*cm of torque with a speed of response of 0.12 if to 60°.

The HS-7954SH is, therefore, the servant's perfect for maxi models, large gliders (perfect for the landing gears of the gliders 1:3 or higher), monster trucks, or any other application that requires accuracy and power are unmatched!

Detailed description of the features:

  • Circuit: Digital G2 with driving the MOSFET!
  • Power supply: 6.0 V to 7.4 V (2s Lipo)
  • Gears: steel
  • Motor: Coreless high performance
  • Torque: Up to 29Kg/cm
  • Sink:
  • Case: Resistant to water, fuel and dust.
  • Shaft: the Main is supported by double bearing

Programmable functions (using the HPP-21, HPP-21plus and HFP-20)

  • Amplitude DeadBand
  • The sense of rotation
  • Speed of rotation
  • The end of the stroke (180°)
  • Centering
  • FailSafe on/off
  • FailSafe position
  • Resolution
  • Protection overload protection


  • Category: Servo Super torque digital 7.4 V
  • Power supply: 6.0 V - 7.4 V (compatible with 2S LIPO)
  • Motor type/Type circuit: Coreless / G2
  • N. ro bearings: 2
  • Torque Kg*cm (6.0 V): 24
  • Torque Kg*cm (7.4 V): 29
  • Speed sec/60 (6.0 V): 0.15 a
  • Speed sec/60 (7.4 V): 0.12 part
  • Gears: Steel
  • Dimensions mm / Weight gr: 40x20x37 / 68
  • Usa wind: From 24T


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