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One of the best BEC 10A on the market - Programmable

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Castle CC Bec 10A Peak 25V Max Input

The Bec allows you to decide the supply voltage of your components, such as receivers, servos, winches, and it also keeps stable the same giving you, however, a huge amperage, you need to use your components to the fullest.

Why install a Bec on my Scaler? The ESC that connect to our receivers to Defoul the damage a power supply voltage from 5 volts up to a maximum of 6Volt and with a maximum current absorption equal to 5 A, considered the fact that some of the best Servos/Receivers/Winches work up to 7.4 Volts or more, and absorbing in the case of the Servants even more than 5A, we understand by ourselves, that we are not making the most of what we buy, for this main reason, we suggest to install a Bec on all of the scaler, the other important thing to note, installing a Bec the ESC will heat less and will work better, all the components connected to the Bec will receive a stable voltage for the receivers is of a great help to work well and the servants will all the current will need to be able to give the maximum kilograms of thrust, and rotation speed.

Output current: 10Amp

Output voltage: From 4.8 V to 9V - Programmable via Castle Link on this site

Input voltage: 2S to 6S Lipo, or NiMh battery from 5V to 25V

Measures: 30x15x10mm

Weight: 11g

Waterproof: No

Programmable: Yes

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*For programming there is no need to feed it with the battery, you will be directly powered from the USB cable.

**The Castle CC BEC comes preset at 5.1 Volts, fifths, compatible with all receivers.

***IMPORTANT!!! Before raising the voltage through the programming, it is necessary to verify that the components that it will be attached as servants or otherwise, can support the voltage of the voltage that you want to program, eg: If the servo you wish to connect supports max 6Volt BEC should never be set with a voltage greater than 6Volt, we highly recommend you to stay at least below the maximum threshold of 0.1 Volt, therefore, must be set to 5.9 Volts for a matter of tolerances, and by doing so you will avoid malfunctions or failures of electronic components.

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