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Frequency 2.4 Ghz 3 - Channel Receiver WATERPROOf

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Manufacturer SANWA

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Radio MX-V 2.4 G 3-Channel with RX WATERPROOF - SANWA

Here is the version of the SANWA MX-V FHSS-2 2.4 GHz with waterproof receiver RX-37W. Maintaining the same features as the MX-V offers a receiver that can deal with water, mud and mixture.

SANWA is the choice of the best pilots, and this is not a case. Its radio remote controls dominate for decades, the slopes of the world.

Finally, there is the possibility of starting with the right foot for those that begin. The SANWA MX-V FHSS-2 2.4 GHz is a modern radio 3-channel Full-Range designed with in mind the needs of pilots to their early experiences that can touch the progress made in the field of radio for the competition.

The SANWA MX-V FHSS-2 2.4 GHz is a radio control Car 3 channel Full Range, which, thanks to its 100 mW 2.4 GHz FHSS, is able to give a higher margin of safety.Full Range means a scope that goes well beyond the size of any path, in practice at least 2-300 metres, depending on the nature of the soil. Even those who enjoy off-roading in a large space can have a greater driving safety.

Perfectly in compliance with the legislation recently approved in Italy for the band of 2.4 GHz, modulation, frequency hopping is the best that technology can provide nowadays.

It is compatible with receivers, Sanwa RX-3 Car (frequency hopping 2), and Sanwa RX-442 4 channel (frequency hopping 2), and has all the functions once reserved for the radio Car the most expensive.

It is particularly suited for the cars either burst that electric, from the scale of 1:10 to 1:5.

Interesting is the possibility of powering the Transmitter in many ways, from Alkaline Batteries (4 torches “AA”) batteries Ni-MH, Li-Po or Li-Fe/A123. This is made possible thanks to the range of the power supply voltage of the Transmitter, which goes from 4.8 V to 9.6 V.

RX (Receivers) are Compatible:

RX 442FS, 4-Channel FHSS2
RX371FS, 3 Channels, FHSS2
RX-371WP, 3 Channels, FHSS2


  • Full range
  • Lightweight (only 4 cells)
  • LCD Display
  • Display Trim
  • 10 Memories
  • Model name
  • Servo Reverse
  • Digital Trims
  • Sub-Trim Steering and Gas
  • EPA on all channels
  • Dual Rate on the Steering
  • Exponential Steering and Gas
  • Fail-Safe Gas
  • Battery alarm Tx

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