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Adhesive and water-Repellent

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Grease anti-wear gear - 3RACING

SPECIAL grease with unique features!

Specifically designed for use on the gears of the transmissions and bevel "differentials" for model car Scaler rc. This fat differs from the common fat because of its extremely high adhesiveness that prevents the gap from the gears and other parts in fast rotation, is water resistant, designed to be used at any operating temperature and at high pressures by reducing a lot of wear and tear on parts.

On first use you will see how it differs from common fat, and because of its very high quality!

How to use:

Apply the right amount of fat directly on the metal parts with the aid of a brush,in this way, it will be made to adhere well to the metal parts and the nylon previously well cleaned and dried.

*Not suitable for joints as cardans and constant velocity used in the Scaler, rc 4x4.


  • Quantity per package: 3g
  • Water-Repellent: Yes
  • Adhesive:

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