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TorqueMaster Pro 540 27t - Holmes Hobbies


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Motor-Brushed - TorqueMaster Pro 540 27t

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TorqueMaster Pro 540 27t Motor - Brushed Holmes Hobbies

All motors HOLMES HOBBIES are of the highest quality!
When you have a great need of power from a motor with brushes, is of the series TorqueMaster we talk! The motor "540" Holmes Hobbies TorqueMaster Pro is a hand built with the best components and construction techniques available. The team Holmes Hobbies has 45 years of experience! Ensure the most beautiful and updated construction of the engine Pro "prototypes". With victories in regional competitions, national and events In the world - This engine is the winner approved!
When you want the best of the motor 540, to choose the TorqueMaster Pro!
  • All components are hand-built by professionals using materials of the highest quality and have the maximum performance with the best efficiency
  • Standup shaft 10 mm Comm - maximizes torque and motor longevity
  • Plating of gold to resist corrosion and provide lower resistance to the current
  • 5 mm web 3 Slot armature to maximize the torque and efficiency
  • Case 1.4 mm thickness that can have minimum ventilation
  • Two high-power magnets FB12 to maximize torque and efficiency
  • Possibility of mounting on the capacitors to eliminate radio interference unwanted caused by electrical motors.
  • Double ball bearing ABEC 3
  • Advance adjustable
  • Springs Holmes XX for consistent performance
  • Soft brushes Holmes for high torque and long motor life
  • The rotor is simplified for a replacement and simplified installation
Advance: 6 degrees of advance is normal and will not affect the life of the engine.
The speed of the motor without load according to Spire, "t":
  • 27t = 2.100 rpm / volt
  • 35t = 1565 rpm / volt
  • 45t = 1.210 rpm / volt
  • 55T = 987 rpm / volt
  • 65t = 837 rpm / volt

It means "rpm per volt", the rpm the motor develops per volt of the power supply which is powered, e.g. if we feed the motor from 27t to 7volt the same will have a rotation of 14.700 rpm developed in the following way to 2,100 rpm x 7volt = 14.700 Rpm

*Every engine has a 30 day guarantee to cover manufacturing defects.

**Warranty does Not include damage from overheating, rust, or improper installation.



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